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About Qi Gong

Medical Qi Gong originated in China approximately four thousand years ago. Through the regulation of the breath, the mind (through meditation), and movement Qi Gong therapy and practice balances the Yin & Yang.  This results in good health, longevity, and a calm and peaceful mind. Long before Western Medicine evolved to its present state, Chinese doctors treated illness with Qi Gong.

Qi is the vital life force, or energy, without which a person would be dead.  Using the system of Meridians through which Qi (energy) flows through the body, the therapist cleanses the body of all negative energy, transmits positive Universal energy to the patient, and teaches the patient to use the appropriate meditations and movements to build good Qi and remove all toxins from his/her own body. 

The Qi Gong Therapist uses the palm of the hand at a distance of about 12” inches above the body, to scan the body, diagnose the problem according to the principles of Qi healing, remove any blocks in the Meridians, and transmit Universal energy to the patient’s Dan Tien – the place in the body where energy is stored. This gives you all the benefits of Acupuncture without the needles. 


In my Qi Gong practice, I will talk with you about your medical problems, your pain, and any worries you may have.  I will then diagnose and treat your pain, and your problems, and after the treatment, I will teach you appropriate meditations so that you can build your own Qi.

Please call or e-mail me for an appointment at my place in the beautiful Northwest Hills of Connecticut, or at your place: 860-485-4986,

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