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If you are located on the CT shore and are looking for an acupuncturist & Qi Gong practioner and teacher, please visit my mentor Char Marie’s website

For scholarly articles about Qi Gong please visit an E magazine for healers. 

In the Danbury, CT area please visit my teacher Grand Master TK Shih at


We are now experiencing summer, and according to Qi Gong theory we should be eating properly in each season. Summer is related to the Heart and the color is red.

Summer is the season of heat (fire) and thus we want to eat cooling foods.  Among those foods best for this season are watermelon, cantaloupe, red fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes and red peppers, various types of lettuce (red is the color of the heart).  Qi Gong practice teaches us that we must keep well hydrated during the summer in order to cool the body but we should also avoid icy drinks.  Salads are an excellent choice for summer, however, be careful of too much fat as it is not well tolerated by the liver.  Be careful when exercising so you don't overheat. This may all sound like good common sense. But, think about how we gained this knowledge.  Qi Gong and Chinese Medicine are thousands of years old and its practices have traveled the globe throughout that time via explorers and more recently students and visitors.  Thus these principles have become a part of mainstream Western nutrition.



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